What Is B2B Content Marketing?

Business-to-business content marketing uses hyper-focused copy to inform companies of another company’s services or products.

B2B content can be made up of both print and online materials, including brochures or manuals, and blog posts or in-depth digital guides.

Who Creates B2B Content?

Many companies choose to work with an in-house or remote content specialist to boost the exposure of their goods or services.

B2B copywriters are usually part of a company’s marketing team, and work alongside other experts to turn browsers into buyers.

These writing pros create e-books, blog and social media posts, email newsletters, website landing pages, and much more.

But it’s not all about selling! Many B2B writers also work with web developers to create UX copy for customer assistance and education. And others draft informative reports about their company’s staff and latest tech offerings.

Types of B2B Content

Tech Reporting
Human interest pieces about how your company helps people.
Technical Writing
Translates “tech talk” into easy-to-understand content.
Content Marketing
Explains what problems your company can solve for people.
UX Writing
Educational content for users of websites or apps.
Social Media Writing
Shares your company’s stories with the world.
Deliver compelling insights with data and visuals.

B2B Content Marketing Goals

There are plenty of good reasons for a B2B team to use content marketing. It’s all about discovering how every piece of content will address a specific goal…

1. Generate Awareness

Some of the best B2B content is geared toward educating and enticing potential consumers. A good B2B content marketing strategy includes copy that showcases a company’s solutions to common problems.


  • Ad Campaigns
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Copy
  • SEO Content

2. Attract Leads

Copy that attracts new interest is also an important part of any B2B content marketing strategy. Lead attraction content draws in consumers who are interested in what a company has to offer, but might still be on the fence about who to do business with.


  • Landing Pages
  • Email Nurture Programs
  • E-books and Guides

3. Close Deals

What happens after you grab a potential customer’s attention? Hopefully, you close the deal and make the sale, right? Well, that’s where this type of B2B content comes onto the scene.

It’s created for a company’s sales team to use during conversations, with the goal of helping consumers feel confident in making a final decision to open their wallet.


  • Case Studies
  • Slide Decks
  • White Papers

4. Provide Stellar Service

Exciting as it is, making a sale isn’t the end of the need for effective B2B content. In fact, it’s just the beginning!

Once a customer has purchased your product or signed up for your service, it’s up to your team to make sure they stay satisfied, and that’s where this type of content goes to work.

Your customers will love having access to well-written and easy-to-navigate material, especially if they’ve just begun working with your team.


  • Website Copy
  • User Manuals
  • How-To Guides
  • FAQ Pages

The Qualities of Effective B2B Content

Much like other types of effective content, any good piece of B2B copy should be clear and persuasive. But most B2B readers are also looking for some qualities that aren’t found in the average content available online…

1. Industry Insights

Almost 80% of B2B decision-makers say they’re looking for in-depth thought leadership on industry-specific trends and challenges.

2. Digestible Format

Approximately 70% of B2B professionals claim to prefer concise content with charts, infographics, data points, or other figures.

3. Relevant and Actionable Advice

Over 60% of C-suite executives are hungry for content that’s relevant to their current projects, and which provides easily applicable advice.

How to Create a B2B Content Strategy

Are you ready to put B2B content marketing to work for your company? Your first step should be to make sure you consult a copywriting pro when creating your strategy.

Many digital marketing experts recommend focusing on evergreen content, so you don’t have to worry about updating your copy anymore often than necessary.

But when do have to breathe new life into your B2B content or create something fresh, knowing you have a skilled content marketer on your team can take a big load off your shoulders.

Published by Amanda French

Amanda French is a creative and concise certified copywriter and content marketer with strategic experience in creating engaging and compelling online content. Offering a deep knowledge of SEO and e-commerce writing best practices, along with key project and time management skills, in order to elevate the online presence and brand performance for businesses of all sizes.