Put your best foot forward with polished content!

If you’ve ever written any content for your website or blog, you’ve probably experienced a moment or two of self-doubt.

You know that the quality of the copy that you’ve written (and are about to put up online for the world to see) needs to be of the highest quality so it will reflect your intelligence and expertise.

Before you hit “publish,” ask yourself:

x Would your confidence rise with some proofreading?

x Is it important that your work be 100% error-free?

x Could your writing use some more fine-tuning?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you know the value of polished and perfected work. Don’t fear the “publish” button!

A professional proofreader and editor can give you the confidence that your content is at its best by optimizing the effectiveness of your copy and making sure that it is shiny, free of errors, and ready for your readers.

Quality Counts (Even on the Internet)

Have you ever visited a website and been shocked by the blatant typos, misspellings, or poorly worded text?

Chances are that you have, and all of those errors had a pretty big impact on how you viewed that company. Their level of professionalism, expertise, and the likelihood of you doing business with them took a big nosedive, right?

Even though online publishing is a fast-paced medium, quality is still key.

Prospective customers read what you’ve published and make a snap decision about your company. Looking like the professional that you are is critical — nobody wants to buy from a business that doesn’t care about the details!

Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle Your Content

Maybe you have some preexisting content that could be reused for another purpose, and save you the time of writing fresh copy (or the money of hiring someone to write it for you).

For example, content from print materials can be repurposed as copy for your website. The industry keywords in those old brochures or sales letters can be a content marketing goldmine!

Or maybe you have a product that can be used in multiple applications. A little creative copy editing can help you target vertical markets and open up new revenue streams.

No matter the specifics of the situation, an experienced editor and writer can rework existing content to include the same key points, while creating fresh, custom copy that is tailor-made for your latest writing project needs.

Localized Content Boosts Impact

Maybe you tried to save some money and hired a writer to create some content for you that uses English as their second language, and the results were less than ideal. Hey, we all make mistakes!

The brutal truth is that copy translated into English (or written by a non-native English speaker) usually comes across as stiff, awkward, and just not quite right.

This kind of writing can have a negative impact on the level of trust that your prospective customers have in your company. If visitors to your site think that you might be doing business from a foreign country, they might look for another company that seems more trustworthy, and spend their money there. Yikes!

A native English copy editor with localization skills can take that content and give it a more natural linguistic and cultural feel, targeting your ideal market and making your customers feel safer with where they are making their purchases.

The “Write” Stuff

You need a proofreader and copy editor that you can trust for effective, accurate, and dependable support when it comes to producing your written materials. A trained professional offers:

Proofreading – Fixing of grammar, typos, and punctuation

Copy Editing – Reviewing of content for clarity, proper word usage, and structure

Localization – Adapting unusual or awkward content to fit your market

Marketing – Evaluating copy to achieve content marketing goals

Remember: Quality content is an investment in your company’s future — it builds brands and attracts customers.

Amanda French, Freelance Copy Editor

Based in the Tampa Bay area, I help businesses from all around the world by proofreading, polishing, or even re-writing their online content.

Want the confidence of working with a pro? Let’s talk about your editing project!